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Following a felling, it comes only to remain a stump near the ground. There are several ways to remove a stump, but the method used is the one that does the least damage to the land and is an effective method for re-landscaping. A machine is used which trims the stump and the surrounding roots to a depth bordering on a foot deep.

The advantages of the techniques used at Tree Service Rhode Island
There are several advantages to using a stump trimmer. It is important not to use chemicals that help decompose the wood. As much on chemical residues found in the soil as in groundwater. In addition, the mixture of wood chips and soil after trimming is a very good natural fertilizer, which can be used as a mulch on the base of cedar hedges for example. In addition, the stump trimming technique makes it possible to target a particular work area, allowing the conservation of the root systems of the surrounding species as well as the layers of organic matter found in the rhizosphere.

What is included in our service

During stump trimming, several pieces of wood chip debris are formed. Our usual services include collecting these wood chips and filling the pit with good planting soil. If you decide to close the hole with wood chips, it is possible that these will make the soils acidic by their decomposition. In addition, there will be land subsidence because the space occupied by the wood chips will reduce over time. With this in mind, we recommend extracting the wood chips and filling the pit with good soil. It is even possible to seed afterwards, or to apply turf peat, according to your preferences. We offer a turnkey service allowing you to take full advantage of your land.

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Stump removal, stump removal

Our pruning company offers a stump removal service in the Rhode Island
After a tree is felled, the stump on the surface of the roots is usually still visible and it is not aesthetic. While some people keep the stumps as is, other owners prefer to remove the stump or replant a new tree in the same location.

It is then advisable to use a stump removal service. Stump removal is carried out using a mechanical grinder which can crush the stump and roots. This practice (stumping – stumping – stumping) helps remove the visible part of the stump to help the roots below the surface to naturally disintegrate over time. This work requires a lot of attention to avoid damage to the terrain. This is why it is preferable to entrust the stumping to a professional team of pruners.

Stump removal, stump removal

Professional experience for the removal and stumping of your trees. We have experience in this kind of work and we have liability insurance to prove the reliability of our business. Our team has the expertise to achieve good results and we pride ourselves on performing professional and precise work.

We master all the techniques to carry out this work, even in tight spaces. Safety is a priority for us. That’s why we always take the time to plan the work. We have the tools that allow us to ensure the quality and efficiency of the work, a free quote service on the work to be carried out for the stumping of your trees.


Occupational Health and Safety in tree management

The Work Safety is the set of measures taken to minimize accidents at work and occupational diseases, and protect the integrity and the employee’s ability to work. That is why it is very important for the tree cutting and pruning service and the adoption of safety procedures, such as the use of PPE’s, signaling and isolation of the area and risk analysis, among others, is adopted. In addition, it is noteworthy that Workplace Safety makes it possible to carry out more organized work, and, as a consequence, to increase production, since, in a more pleasant and safe environment, employees will produce more and with better quality. Another benefit is the improvement in the relationships between leaders and employees.
Great care is taken to avoid diseases, which appear slowly and, in most cases, are difficult to be characterized and recorded.

Workplace Safety is defined by regulatory rules and laws of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), which compel companies to organize. Each professional segment has its own rules. Brazil also follows the International Conventions of the International Labor Organization.

The company Tree Service Rhode Island meets all standards and precepts for the use of tree pruning equipment, tree cutting, land clearing , working at heights, among others, privileging the safety of our employees and our customers above all.

Felling of trees

We are a company specialized in pruning and cutting trees in large areas, urban or rural, as well as in companies, cutting trees on private property, on private land, in areas that are difficult to access or with interference in improvements.

Our team is prepared for work at height, using climbing / tree climbing techniques and transport such as munch truck and aerial basket.
We have experience in serving small, medium and large companies. Efficient Tree Service Rhode Island from sending a quote to executing the service. We take care of all environmental licenses and authorizations.

The trees Replanting can also be called transplant trees. It is a service performed in Tree Service Rhode Island that consists of removing the tree from its original location and placing it in a new place, significantly reducing the environmental impact of certain actions, such as, for example; medium or large constructions.

The tree replanting s, or transplant trees should be taken because there are laws requiring the responsible for process plant new saplings, if the tree dies. It is also important to remember that tree transplantation can also be carried out with fruit trees.

To avoid errors and problems with the replanting of trees , or transplant trees to JASP Services always recommends planning for the new roots have time to grow, making it easier to adapt the plant to the new habitat.

Reasons to Regularly Trim Your Trees:

• Helps the tree grow
• Encourages fruit production
• Keeps your yard beautiful
• Prevents potential disease
• Removes dangerous dead branches
• Schedule Reliable Tree Removal

While healthy, lush trees are beautiful, folks that have died or are growing during a good spot are often both a nuisance and a hazard on your residence. Environmental factors like harsh storms, severe winds, and insects can all cause serious damage to a tree. A dead plant are often a liability and can be removed immediately.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal Include:

• Branches may fall and hurt your property
• Disease can spread from tree to other plants
• Dead trees can attract pests
• They are unattractive and will hurt land value

At The Grounds Guys, we might such as you to be able to enjoy every aspect of your home, including your outdoor landscape. For quality tree services you’ll trust, contact our arborists! Our professionals bring passion to each and every job. we provide pleasant, expedient tree services you’ll depend on!